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Jerome Angelstad started in leathercraft in the 1960's when his mother ordered a Tandy leather kit. He found it to be extremely rewarding - making items out of leather. While reading an issue of "The Craftsman" (March/April 1971), he noticed the photos of a hobbyist who had made his own shoes (Bob Evans of Eugene, Oregon). This, he thought, has got to be the 'ultimate leathercraft project', He wanted to learn how to make shoes. He bought some old shoe repair equipment and stock from John Kolba. In 1972, his father, Norman, helped him get started in business by letting him use a corner of his shop, which was located on 9th Street downtown. Angelstad Bros. Ltd. did plumbing, heating, roofing and tinsmithing since 1937, so adding shoe repair was another service offered. The shop was open 6 days a week! During 1975, Jerome made his first shoes. They were made for an elderly farmer who had trouble fitting shoes. He used Tandy's 'New Earth' leather for the uppers. What was most rewarding was seeing an elderly farmer 'kick up his heels' after putting on his newly-built shoes! During the 1980's, he started to attend national conventions and also purchased some newer equipment. In 1987, he received his Orthopedic Shoe Technician designation. Throughout the 1980's and 90's the shoe repair business was growing. When his father retired in 1985, Jerome purchased a small building at 821 6th Avenue, previously owned by Gerry Moroney, who purchased the building from Jake Platzer. He added retail goods, like polish, laces and insoles. During the mid '90's, due to business growth, he added 10 feet to the back of the building. At the beginning of the 21st Century, he added more retail goods such as leathercraft supplies. He continues to do shoe service and orthopedic work and also has the 'biggest little' leather shop in the west.

Awards and Events

Our Mission Statement:
To provide exceptional shoe service, using the best quality products at a fair and competitive price.
Our Vision:
To be central Saskatchewan's quality and fairly-priced shoe service.
Jerome P. Angelstad, OST
1983 Attended 1st SSIA Convention
1987 Orthopedic Shoe Technician Course
1993 Attended IVO-Quebec International
1997 Attended P.A.C. Symposium "Footwear: The Foundation of Pedorthics" (Winnipeg)
1999 PFA "Pedorthic Fundamentals of External Shoe Modifications" (Las Vegas)
"Saving soles every day, BUT SUNDAY,
since 1972."
SSIA Silver Cup Awards
1997 Bronze for Merchandising
1998 Gold for Television Advertising
1999 2 Bronze for Promotions/Special Events
2000 Gold for Print Advertizing
Silver for Newsletters/Brochures
Bronze for Public Relations, Radio Advertising and Website
2002 Silver for Public Relations
2003 Gold for Public Relations

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